There are many quite exceptional amateur photographers and there are also many quite appalling ‘Professional Photographers. Photographers are ten a penny, and it is probably possible to engage ten for a penny. Literally thousands of individuals and organisations promote themselves as ‘Professional Photographers’ so selecting the right one to deliver your imagery can be a… Read more »

YES you can now have the INSIDE of YOUR business featuring on Google Street View YES your customers will be able to walk around and look inside virtually YES your tour is linked to Google Street View   NO it doesn’t cost thousands of pounds NO there aren’t recurring charges NO it isn’t difficult to… Read more »

Google have very recently introduced Google+ Local. Most of us are familiar with Google Places and this is much the same but with more features. If you have an existing Google Place page this will have already been migrated over to a Google+ Local entry automatically.   So the benefits of having a Google+ Local… Read more »