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Being a Google Trusted Photographer you get to meet a vast array of people. Not just business owners but arty people too, doing what they do, quietly in the shadows. Recently I was helping Jo complete one of her Google Business Photo shoots for the Merchant Tea & Coffee Company in St Albans, (a lovely place to sit out in the sun in the centre of town and watch the world go by) and I was shooting some static images of strawberry cheesecake and coffees (as Google Trusted Photographers do) when I noticed a gentleman sitting at one of the tables discretely drawing all that was around him. Modestly he closed his book as soon as anyone got close enough to see what he was doing. I took a snap of him before popping over and introducing myself.  A lovely chap who was clearly a very capable artist and I cajoled him to let me look through his book, .. and yes he had captured me doing what I do.. He explained he had only been under way 30 seconds before I had noticed, but humbly agreed to send me copy.




3 days later this picture arrived in the post but no return address or name.  Of course it would only be fair if i returned the complement but please bear in mind i had less than his discreet 30 seconds so i am not looking for any awards but i would love to know who he is and thank him. From what i had briefly seen within his books, this wasn’t your average street artist.

(12 July 2012)

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