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Back in November 2013 Striking Faces were invited in to the University of Hertfordshire to discuss a Google Maps Business View (Street View inside) project for the whole university. The Entire University! Phew! Around 30 locations!

In a previous life Striking Faces very own Jo Hailey had worked for the University of Hertfordshire for 15 years, and her inside knowledge of such a large organisation and its staff came extremely helpful. When working on such an enormous project a good relationship and successful communication with the organisation is crucial for timely delivery.



There were a number of meetings and site walk-throughs with Ed Layt, the Head of Marketing, and the plan began to take shape. There was a flurry of emails between Jo and numerous heads of departments and with no more fuss we had a shoot schedule for the Google Maps Business View photography.

During the discussion it transpired that Ed had really understood the additional value associated with one of our newest tools associated with Google virtual tours, TourDash. But what is TourDash? TourDash is the exciting new Google approved product that adds an additional dimension to your existing Google Maps Business View tour. The TourDash software combines these powerful interactive tools to allows a business to control how potential customers interact and engage with the business to provide targeted information.

The finished interactive overlay makes use of among other features; hotspots, graphics, boxes, and video clips, so that prospective students can virtually walk round and get a feel for the layout and facilities available, while benefiting from additional relevant student friendly information.

Visitors can wander into the School of Law and explore the Replica Crown Court. This is a fascinating place, where the award-winning advocacy activities takes place. Users can read and watch more about these activities by hovering over and clicking into the hotspots for informative text and video.



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