Something Guy wrote a couple of years back.. as relevant today as it was then.   Today we had installed in the Strikingfaces office a boring looking box.. It wasn’t cheap and it doesn’t even look sexy. However its doing something essential for us that ANYONE who has taken a photograph in the last 10-15… Read more »

Seven years ago, Shambala Festival ‘liked’ one of my images on Facebook.  That little bit of relatively insignificant recognition, over the forthcoming years,  turned something I enjoyed into a passion and a passion into a thriving, successful company. Namely Strikingfaces. It was the very start of something significant and hugely fulfilling.   Today, Strikingfaces,  is a specialist… Read more »

Top Tip if you are a photographer who uses Photoshop ( and for many good reasons there are few serious or professional photographers who don’t ): Go to, download and install The NIK Collection..  It is NOW FREE     What is the NIK Collection.. A collection of plugins and filters that are extremely useful,… Read more »

Two days into the New Year, saw the Striking Faces mobile office speeding towards the Norfolk coast to the RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre where we had been commissioned to highlight the extraordinary work the centre undertakes each year in the care of wildlife – most notably rescued seals who are orphaned, sick or injured…. Read more »

“She is obsessed with photography, I will get her something related to that.” Please pause before you do so…… It is in our nature when looking for a present to consider what the recipient is passionate about. They love their cooking, they like golf…. Whatever it is, they are likely to receive related gifts at… Read more »

Striking Faces were journeying home from their regular annual gig at the Wickham Festival when en route Guy noticed The Sculpture Park in Churt, Surrey. And it really is an amazing place. Once through the gate you enter a wonderful world of winding paths, through heathland and woodland, with wildlife-inhabited water gardens, all providing the perfect… Read more »

There are many quite exceptional amateur photographers and there are also many quite appalling ‘Professional Photographers. Photographers are ten a penny, and it is probably possible to engage ten for a penny. Literally thousands of individuals and organisations promote themselves as ‘Professional Photographers’ so selecting the right one to deliver your imagery can be a… Read more »

What a Christmas we had! And as we chuck out the turkey and puddings and adopt a strict diet of turmeric and tofu it’s nice to reflect on what a fine old time we enjoyed. Being the official photographers at the Grace Eyre festive do was definitely a highlight. Each year Striking Faces nominate a… Read more »

Back in November 2013 Striking Faces were invited in to the University of Hertfordshire to discuss a Google Maps Business View (Street View inside) project for the whole university. The Entire University! Phew! Around 30 locations! In a previous life Striking Faces very own Jo Hailey had worked for the University of Hertfordshire for 15… Read more »

The New Forest & Hampshire County Show is a three day agricultural show held in Brockenhurst, Hampshire, at the end of July each year. What began in 1921 as a small one-day local event has burgeoned in size and popularity, now attracting around 95,000 visitors over the 3 days. Google Trusted Photographers Striking Faces, the… Read more »