Newbrook Farm Cottage, Frankley Green, Birmingham B32 4AX

We were thrilled when the RSPCA contacted Striking Faces interested in Google Maps Business View. They had recently finished their new flagship centre in Birmingham and were looking at ways to increase awareness and transparency.

Fairly obviously, with an animal hospital, it is simply too difficult to have the public walking around, since the noise and disturbance can upset the animals. At the same time it is greatly reassuring for pet owners to see the facilities and feel certain of the safety and comfort of their animals.

Striking Faces worked closely with the marketing team at the RSPCA to create an additional layer of information to accompany the 360 Google Maps Business. You can wander round the facilities or use the menu to navigate your way around, looking behind the scenes with interesting additional information displayed throughout to really enhance the user experience . Using the softwares built-in analytics we know that the kennels are the most visited area of the tour which means the client can adjust their approach accordingly. They don’t just house sick animals here but also those that need a home and it’s heartening as you virtually walk round the centre to see the empty cages with the ‘I have found a home’ signs.

As Alan Moynihan, the RSPCA’s Solutions Exploitation Manager said “People can now take a virtual tour, look around and get a feel for the facility and its suitability for their requirements”

The RSPCA have found that this 360 Google Maps Business tour has already had an impact, with hundreds of thousands of unique view since it went live.

Click here for a full account of Striking Faces experience with the RSPCA, and hear from them.
Alan Moynihan | Solutions Exploitation Manager | RSPCA
“Striking Faces were able to take our original idea and guide us through the project in an efficient and comprehensive manner. They were excellent at identifying how to maximise Google Maps Business View for the specific needs of the centre and more broadly speaking the RSPCA as a whole.

Google Maps Business View enables us to show the breadth of our operation, our facilities and some of the intricacies of what we do in a way that has never been realistically possible before.”